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My mission is simple: To give clients and pups my best with positive and humane methods in order to create a healthy and respectful relationship between you and your pup!

I guarantee that you will receive personalized attention and understanding throughout our training journey and that I am dedicated to helping both you and your pup reach your goals. (sorry, no magic wands provided)

I've been proudly serving dogs & their humans in Northern and Central Virginia for over 8 years!  I'm personally here to help you with anything from a new puppy to dealing with serious behavioral issues from Separation Anxiety to Aggression.  My passion is to help those in my community build or in some cases rebuild strong relationships between families and their dogs.  I'd love to share my passion for dogs with you, so whatever question or training needs you have, contact me so we can start working together.


On a Mission!

   Paws of Change Behavior & Training

Not Currently Accepting New Clients and will be taking the next few months off due to medical concerns.  You may contact Dr. Caryn who is accepting clients:

Changing lives one paw at a time...

My Guarantee